Thursday, 30 May 2013


As you all know, I've been the proud owner of a lovely Minolta X-300. It's my first and most beloved film camera. 

But as the saying goes 'all good things come to an end' and sadly this camera has found itself in retirement. Unfortunately its shutter started sticking resulting in the disappointing half black photos that you can see below. 

On the one hand, I am heartbroken that the love of my film photography life has had its time, on the other, I am excited to start experimenting with a superior camera body with better mechanics. This means that I can really delve into better photographic skills. I can announce that as of today, I am now the proud owner of my next film photography camera body: the Minolta SR-T 101. It's a gorgeous vintage mechanical beast of a camera! and I'm psyched to start using it. I have a lot to learn before I put film in it though, so lots of practising and researching to be done. :)

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Failed trip to London

Danny and me wanted to visit London today. We had big plans to go down to Morden and visit Morden Park and Gardens with the view that it would save us money because he had his monthly rail-card for work, and I had a rail-card to get an off-peak discount! So we hopped on the train and went to Kentish Town. When we got there, Danny stopped at the top of the escalators leading down to the Northern Line. He pointed, and a sign read that virtually all the stops a couple down from Camden all the way to Morden were closed! We were gutted. We had paid for my ticket and jumped on the train and ended up not being able to make it to the place we wanted to go. Since we were now on the Northern Line, we decided to go to Camden for lunch. Our disastrous day ended up not too bad. We had a yummy lunch in Camden at our favourite Chinese stall in the Food Court and I got to get a couple of lovely pictures of the Starlings who were waiting for me to throw them food. Although we didn't get to Morden, I did enjoy myself. It was so good just to get away from home. Better luck next time though. Hopefully we'll make it to Morden!


They are so beautiful. A lot of people don't notice just how colourful they are! They're like oil, you know when you see it in the puddles of car parks and there are metallic blues and purples and greens shimmering in certain lights? I just love them! They have such characters as well; my mum likes to refer to them as beung like a naughty gang of teenagers fighting and bickering and flying round in large groups. These ones were particularly brave as well, getting right near my food to see what I had. They knew pretty quickly that I had nothing that they would eat.

Monday, 31 December 2012

Christmas with the Brownes

Well Happy Christmas to you all! :)
It's been such a beautiful Christmas with my family. Naturally with every film, I thought I would start this one off with my beautiful Cat Ringo. He's nearly 15 years old, and still going strong. I'm going to be moving in with my boyfriend in the not too distant future and I have to say that the only thing that upsets me, is that I'll have to leave Ringo behind. But I know he'll be happy!

This year, our Christmas tree is covering up a breeze block wall that my Mum had me paint to try and disguise it. My Dad is building our extension and it's not finished yet, but my Mum was desperate to host Christmas this year, so it had to be suitable for people to come over. It was ready just in time and despite all the random bit of ceiling and flooring and makeshift bottom steps for the staircase it was really homely and cosy.

When my brother arrived, we took a walk to grab a coffee and who was to ride by in his sleigh? Why Santa of course!

The lights in town look particularly lovely this year. They're subtle and simple which I think makes everything look a lot more classy.

Christmas Morning!

My brother thinks it's summer or something... while Ringo enjoys a restful lie down on next to me. You know it's hard taking pictures of my brother, especially on film, because he loves to pull faces instead of be normal, which is great but not when you want a really nice picture. I had to sit and wait for his face to drop before I quickly took this shot!

The Christmas table was all laid out in the bay window this year. First time we had the house this way round (living room at the back, dining at the front), and I really like it. My mum decided not to go for proper crackers this year, so instead she bought some cute little chocolate treats from Hotel Chocolat and the Hatfield House Christmas Market. I think it worked a lot better.

Christmas Dinner!!! Best dinner of the ENTIRE year!

And of course, my brother's home-made Treacle Sponge was A-Mazing! :) He was so proud of it.

Even Ringo was worn out by the end of that feast!

Saturday, 22 December 2012

My Trees

While we're on the subject of things I like to photograph, I thought I would mention my crazy infatuation of trees. I just love them. I can never get enough of taking tree photos. This is probably more or a warning than anything! :P But believe me, there are a lot more where these came from! I just don't want to bombard you! :D

My Views

I have a bit of an obsession with the view from our loft windows. We recently had our loft converted (by my dad!) and there is a bathroom upstairs so whenever I go up to use it, I stop everytime at the window and look out. Since most of the time I'm only carrying my mobile phone, I always take a quick snap on Instagram. The view always changes. It sports so many different shades and looks beautiful whatever the weather. But not only do I love that view, but whenever I'm up high, I love to take shallow shots of cityscapes and long, deep photos of the sky. I really loved the view from a hotel in Uxbridge for just that. It was a beautiful day, and you could see for miles. It made a beautiful photograph.

Friday, 21 December 2012

By the way, this is me. :)

Hello. :)

My photography weapon of choice is a Canon 1000d. I'm desperate to get my hands onto a lens with a low aperture of between 1.4 and 1.8. It's hard though. I also use a Minolta X300 with a 50mm f/1.7 lens. I'm in love with it! I'm hoping to get hold of a cheap polaroid as well. I just love experimenting with cameras and photography. It's heaven!

Living at the Park

     First of all, welcome to my blog. I'm an aspiring designer, and photography is one of the ways I like to express myself. I'm sure you've heard so many people say something similar and along those lines and to be perfectly honest, I've stopped trying to be completely different and instead have started to pride myself in sharing similar interests with other bloggers and designers and instead concentrate on the inspiration that they give me. But now It's my turn to share my personal life with the world. I always stumble upon beautiful blogs by photographers and artists who have a visual and stunning diary of their lives and I don't know why I always end up steering away from creating one for myself since I love sharing my life with people. 
     I always find it difficult to start a blog like this because I have so many memories that I'd love to share, and I think that's where I always go wrong. Instead of concentrating on the past, I'm going to focus on the now. Start with the most recent events in my life.
     I thought I would start my blog with some recent photographs from one of my regular visits to the park nearby my house. It's one of my most favourite places to go, and only a short walk away I escape there quite a lot.

      This is me and my friend Lisa. Whenever we hang out, we really love to visit the park. We love watching the birds and looking at the trees. Our favourite pastime. <3
      Here ends my first post. With Christmas coming up, I'm sure there will be lots to follow. Excuse the weird faces that I love to pull, there will definitely be more of those! :) But for now. Have a great Friday. xxx