Monday, 31 December 2012

Christmas with the Brownes

Well Happy Christmas to you all! :)
It's been such a beautiful Christmas with my family. Naturally with every film, I thought I would start this one off with my beautiful Cat Ringo. He's nearly 15 years old, and still going strong. I'm going to be moving in with my boyfriend in the not too distant future and I have to say that the only thing that upsets me, is that I'll have to leave Ringo behind. But I know he'll be happy!

This year, our Christmas tree is covering up a breeze block wall that my Mum had me paint to try and disguise it. My Dad is building our extension and it's not finished yet, but my Mum was desperate to host Christmas this year, so it had to be suitable for people to come over. It was ready just in time and despite all the random bit of ceiling and flooring and makeshift bottom steps for the staircase it was really homely and cosy.

When my brother arrived, we took a walk to grab a coffee and who was to ride by in his sleigh? Why Santa of course!

The lights in town look particularly lovely this year. They're subtle and simple which I think makes everything look a lot more classy.

Christmas Morning!

My brother thinks it's summer or something... while Ringo enjoys a restful lie down on next to me. You know it's hard taking pictures of my brother, especially on film, because he loves to pull faces instead of be normal, which is great but not when you want a really nice picture. I had to sit and wait for his face to drop before I quickly took this shot!

The Christmas table was all laid out in the bay window this year. First time we had the house this way round (living room at the back, dining at the front), and I really like it. My mum decided not to go for proper crackers this year, so instead she bought some cute little chocolate treats from Hotel Chocolat and the Hatfield House Christmas Market. I think it worked a lot better.

Christmas Dinner!!! Best dinner of the ENTIRE year!

And of course, my brother's home-made Treacle Sponge was A-Mazing! :) He was so proud of it.

Even Ringo was worn out by the end of that feast!

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