Friday, 21 December 2012

Living at the Park

     First of all, welcome to my blog. I'm an aspiring designer, and photography is one of the ways I like to express myself. I'm sure you've heard so many people say something similar and along those lines and to be perfectly honest, I've stopped trying to be completely different and instead have started to pride myself in sharing similar interests with other bloggers and designers and instead concentrate on the inspiration that they give me. But now It's my turn to share my personal life with the world. I always stumble upon beautiful blogs by photographers and artists who have a visual and stunning diary of their lives and I don't know why I always end up steering away from creating one for myself since I love sharing my life with people. 
     I always find it difficult to start a blog like this because I have so many memories that I'd love to share, and I think that's where I always go wrong. Instead of concentrating on the past, I'm going to focus on the now. Start with the most recent events in my life.
     I thought I would start my blog with some recent photographs from one of my regular visits to the park nearby my house. It's one of my most favourite places to go, and only a short walk away I escape there quite a lot.

      This is me and my friend Lisa. Whenever we hang out, we really love to visit the park. We love watching the birds and looking at the trees. Our favourite pastime. <3
      Here ends my first post. With Christmas coming up, I'm sure there will be lots to follow. Excuse the weird faces that I love to pull, there will definitely be more of those! :) But for now. Have a great Friday. xxx

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