Saturday, 12 January 2013

Failed trip to London

Danny and me wanted to visit London today. We had big plans to go down to Morden and visit Morden Park and Gardens with the view that it would save us money because he had his monthly rail-card for work, and I had a rail-card to get an off-peak discount! So we hopped on the train and went to Kentish Town. When we got there, Danny stopped at the top of the escalators leading down to the Northern Line. He pointed, and a sign read that virtually all the stops a couple down from Camden all the way to Morden were closed! We were gutted. We had paid for my ticket and jumped on the train and ended up not being able to make it to the place we wanted to go. Since we were now on the Northern Line, we decided to go to Camden for lunch. Our disastrous day ended up not too bad. We had a yummy lunch in Camden at our favourite Chinese stall in the Food Court and I got to get a couple of lovely pictures of the Starlings who were waiting for me to throw them food. Although we didn't get to Morden, I did enjoy myself. It was so good just to get away from home. Better luck next time though. Hopefully we'll make it to Morden!


They are so beautiful. A lot of people don't notice just how colourful they are! They're like oil, you know when you see it in the puddles of car parks and there are metallic blues and purples and greens shimmering in certain lights? I just love them! They have such characters as well; my mum likes to refer to them as beung like a naughty gang of teenagers fighting and bickering and flying round in large groups. These ones were particularly brave as well, getting right near my food to see what I had. They knew pretty quickly that I had nothing that they would eat.

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